Building Fund

Established as a mission parish as late as 2018 we are still a very young community. For the time being we are renting a place and have to put up and take down for our services every weekend. It is very important to have our own permanent place of worship and in time we want to acquire our own property and perhaps build a stave or a stone Church. A building fund was established in Decemember 2019. We are very grateful for any offerings and help. Transaction and wiring information follows below:

Westamerica Bank
St Seraphim Orthodox Cathedral
Account   401200951
Routing   121140218
label: "Norway - building fund"

Norway and EU:
Fana Sparebank
Østre Nesttunvegen 1

Account name: "Hellige Jomfru Marias Bebudelse" and "kirkebygg"
Building fund account: 3411.43.80956
SWIFT code for Fana Sparebank: "DNBANOKK"
IBAN: NO2934114380956

Since this is an international bank account overseas you may want to consult your tax attorney regarding tax deductibility. May God bless every giver! With time and the blessing of God we might have our own church and property.

The building project of St. Gabriel Orthodox Church, Ashland Oregon

The image to the right is the building plan of St. Gabriel Orthodox Church in Ashland Oregon USA. Father Theodor knows the mission parish and its priest father Andreas well from their time in California. They have a history similar to our own and started as a small parish and was for a long time without a resident priest. They have started an exciting building project that has inspired us.

The drawing at the very top is of Gol Stave Church.

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